Welcome to Simactricals Private Limited, a cutting-edge technology company at the forefront of innovation in electric vehicle charging, unmanned aerial vehicles, and high-voltage products.


  • High Voltage Electrical Engineering
  • Wireless Charging Technology
  • Pulse Electric Field Generators
  • Plasma Generators

Our Story

  1. simactricals
    OCT 2020

    Simactricals is incorporated as a Private Limited entity in Kanpur, UP, India. Focus in high voltage electrical engineering.

  2. pfc
    PFC - CSR Funding
    AUG 2021

    We received the PFC-CSR grant for the proposal of the idea for wireless charging infrastructure for EVs and UAVs.

  3. iit-kanpur
    OCT 2021

    Following the recognition and funding from PFC grant, we were incubated at SIIC, Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur.

  4. iit-roorkee
    First Product Sold
    JAN 2022

    We sold our first product to Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee. A 250W wireless charging test bench for drone charging.

  5. anna-university
    Second Product Sold
    APR 2022

    We sold our second product to Anna University, Chennai. A 3.3KW wireless charging test bench for 3-wheeler charging.

  6. nidhi-prayas
    Nidhi Prayas Grant
    JUN 2022

    We received the Nidhi Prayas Grant for the development and presentation of our 3.3KW wireless charging test bench.

  7. cit
    Third Product Sold
    NOV 2022

    We sold our third wireless charging test bench to Coimbatore Institute of Technology which was 1.1KW system.

  8. tide
    Tide MVP Grant
    JAN 2023

    We received the Tide MVP Grant for the development and presentation of our 7.5KW wireless charging system.

  9. sanchiconnect
    Preseed Fund Raise
    AUG 2023

    We have succesfully raised funds through EV2 Ventures, Thinkuvate and Seafund in our preseed funding round with the help of SanchiConnect.

  10. dana
    DANA Group CSR Grant
    DEC 2023

    We received CSR Grant from DANA Group for the development of 3 wheeler electric vehicles chargers which can deliver up to 7.5KW.

  11. citi
    Grant - Social Innovation Lab by Citi
    MAR 2024

    We received a Grant from Social Innovation Lab by Citi for impactful support and acceleration of our company.

Our Mission

At Simactricals, we believe in delivering exceptional products and services that exceed our client’s expectations. We work closely with our customers to understand their unique needs and challenges and provide customized solutions tailored to their requirements. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unwavering, and we are dedicated to building long-term partnerships with our clients.



Mihir Mishra

Founder & Director


Balaji Sriram

Co-founder & Technical Head


Suraj Kumar

Technical Assistant


Harivinay Varadaraju

Mechanical Design Engineer


Anubhav Tripathi

Business Development Manager


Akhil Thakre

Embedded Systems Engineer


Pavan Kumar YV

Electronics Engineer