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Product Catalogue

Simactricals WCS Gen-1
Simactricals WCS Gen-1

7.5KW Smart Electric Vehicle Charger

This is our new generation 7.5KW wireless charger for EVs (3-wheelers and 4-Wheelers) with smart control and dynamic power delivery.

Simactricals UAV Test bench
Simactricals UAV Test bench

500W UAV Charging Test bench

This is our UAV/Drone charging test bench.

Simactricals WPT 3.3
Simactricals WPT 3.3

3.3KW Wireless Charging Test bench

This is our first 3KW wireless charging test bench designed for experimentation and research.

Simactricals WPT 1.1
Simactricals WPT 1.1

200W - 1KW Wireless Charging Test bench

It is designed for experimentation and research works.

The Technology

Our solution is based on the coupled electromagnetic resonance technology which is an inductive charging technology that allows for wireless charging of devices at higher power and greater distances by exploiting magnetic fields. This type of resonance-based wireless charging solutions provides applications across home, commercial, and industrial charging.

Inductive wireless charging system works as a combination of Ampere’s Law and Faraday’s Law. A time varying current flowing through the transmitter coil produces a time varying magnetic field. The receiver is traversed by this time-varying magnetic field, causes a voltage in receiver coil. This phenomenon is used to transfer power. A general schematic of a wireless charging setup is shown in the figure below.


Upcoming Milestones

  • Develop the closed loop system for smart control and dynamic power delivery for the new wireless charging system design.
  • Follow that up by developing full scale WCS Gen 1 Concept into a fully functioning scaled prototype with all the desired features.

Other Projects

Pulsed Electric Fields Technology

Pulsed Electric Fields are high voltage electric pulses which are produced at a high frequency, ranging from about a few hundred hertz to a few tens of kilo hertz. This technology have a wide range of applications such as non-thermal, chemical free food processing and preservation, highly effective bio-medical applications like sterilization and cancer treatment, hydrogen production and waste water treatment. We currently have a Pulsed DC generator designed and developed in-house and we are currently working on applications of this technology.